The young, enthusiastic kitchen team

is led by patron cuisinier Wilco Berends and his sous chef Thijs Griffoen. Wilco was born in Barsingerhorn, a village in Noord-Holland. He likes to cook with products from this region: hare from Nieuwe Niedorp, round potatoes from Opperdoes and eel from Volendam for instance.
His grandfather was a baker and was a great inspiration to him in his youth. During his education Wilco was employed in restaurants as Merlet (*) and De Hoefslag (*). After an apprenticeship at Scholteshof (**) in Belgium, his mind was made up: “This is what I want!”
In 2006 he started at de Nederlanden. First in employment, then as joint proprietor and finally, since October 2012, as owner of de Nederlanden.