Fruits de mer

with aioli, impregnated watermelon and avocado pear

Crab and oyster

Crispy sesame, North Sea crab, citrus fruit, oyster, soy


fried with curry, coconut, bunched carrots and radishes

Bass and eel

Fried bass with asparagus, sauce of smoked eel in chervil sauce and green peas


roast and glazed with tarragon, lemon and celeriac

Quail Peking style

Roast quail, cucumber, spring onion and a savoury crêpe

Dutch lamb

Roast saddle of lamb, ratatouille, gnocchi, basil and lamb stew

Pandan leaf cream

with bunched carrot sorbet, meringue and lime leaf sorbet

You can always expand the menu with a delicious selection of cheeses from “Bourgondisch Lifestyle” with matching garnish á 12.50 per person.


4 dishes: fruits de mer – bass– lamb – pandan leaf cream   € 67,50

6 dishes: fruits de mer – crab – halibut – quail – lamb – pandan leaf cream € 82,50

8 dishes: all the mentioned dishes   € 97,50

These menus can only be ordered for the whole table. In case of changes in the choice of dishes there will be a surcharge.

If you wish to order dishes a la carte, you can.

Fruits de mer              € 24

Crab and oyster         € 26

Langoustine 3x          € 38


Lobster                          € 38

Bass                                € 37

Quail                              € 30

Dutch lamb                 € 38

 Pandan leaf cream € 15

Chocolate                    € 15

Cheeses from the trolley €18.50