De Nederlanden is the place for meetings,

conferences, presentations, product launches or promotional events. For these occasions we have two separate rooms at our disposal: ’t Wit Lavendel (White Lavender) and De Pioenroos (‘Peony’). At your request we will serve a culinary meal in the room.

’t Wit Lavendel

With private terrace.
Oval table for max. 22 people.
Round tables for max. 40 people.
Theater arrangement / auditorium disposition.

De Pioenroos

Round table for 2-6 persons.
Oval table for 2-10 persons.

We can also arrange for bigger parties (up to 350) at several unique venues in the vicinity. Naturally we can offer the same service and quality there as we do in De Nederlanden. Please contact us for more specific information on the different arrangements.