Pure ingredients and honest cuisine in a beautiful location


The menu of De Nederlanden changes seasonally and at the discretion of Wilco Berends. By permitting these liberties, we can use the best products available at any time. Choose from a six or eight -course menu or select the courses à la carte yourself. For a truly exceptional experience, we serve the Prestige Menu where we let each of the luxury ingredients speak for itself.


In addition to dinner, De Nederlanden also serves a four-course lunch menu du chef on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. On Sunday’s we are open for lunch as well, 6 or 8 courses or a la carte.

Take a seat between noon and 1330pm to enjoy this surprise menu, which we will unveil as soon as you’re seated. Weather permitting, the terrace is open for lunch or you can take the opportunity to have the first drink on the waterfront. Relax, enjoy the surroundings and let the surprise menu speak for itself. The lunch menu is determined on the day itself, which gives us the liberty to choose the best ingredients for you.


The wine list of De Nederlanden has been compiled with the greatest care and resonates beautifully with the seasonal dishes on the menu. Our sommelier, Sami Boutartour, does his utmost to compile a beautiful wine list with wines from all over the world. Our goal is not to create specific wine-and-food pairings, but rather to offer beautiful bottles of wine that perfectly support the entire menu. For example, we recommend selecting a nice bottle of wine from the wine list and enjoying it during the evening.

For non alcoholic fans we have a perfect pairing with own creations.


Everything our star chef Wilco Berends can make in the kitchen at De Nederlanden is also possible on any location. For example, we can provide catering for events, weddings, meetings and other occasions. From two to two hundred guests we take care of all culinary aspects, but also the table cloths, the wines and all other decorations where necessary. Thanks to our modular kitchens, every location can be transformed into a restaurant of Michelin-star quality. We take care of all the necessities and make sure to thoroughly clean up after ourselves.

In this way, it is possible to have a Michelin-star menu served at any location, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Please contact us to discuss the options.


Have we already managed to enthuse you for De Nederlanden’s kitchen? For the dishes with honest ingredients of recognizable origin? For how we make our guests feel welcome and at home? Then quickly book a table for lunch or an unforgettable dinner.

Call us to make a reservation directly at 0294 – 23 23 26. It is also possible to fill out the contact form. We will reply within 12 hours. Bookings are only placed after we have confirmed the reservation.